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How you create an ad

 So easy to sell on Basagan:


                        ü Sell at the best possible price

                        ü Create your own Seles 

                        ü Options for even better visibility 

                        ü Sell worldwide 

  Answers to the most common questions can be found here. 

                                                                                    That's how it works:

    1-   Register as a new customer. We will help you step by step in setting up your products.

    2-  Create a new ad: Select a suitable product and category from our database.   

    3-   Did you not find the name of your product in our database? Then you can simply enter a new product name.

    4-   Was is the title of my product? This is the name of your product that the customer is looking for first and that is displayed with the product image.

    5-   For each product, you can choose a total of 4 categories from our category list that might fit your product. This will unlock your product into    different categories and make it easier to find it.

    6-   Just take some good photos and describe your article.

    7-   Sell Internationally: In order to make your products better found worldwide, we recommend that you write all information about your products in English. The title of your product will still be translated into 14 languages at the moment.

    8-   How to get the best price: You can choose between fixed price, reduced price or price with minimum order quantities.


    9-   Cann I also set products without quotation? Without quotation your products will be displayed with "contact Seller".