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Guidelines for ads and items offered

On MedicaMarket, you may not offer any items that violate legal regulations, MedicaMarket guidelines or morality. Please let us know if you see offers that violate this. We will then take appropriate action. 

1. Ad texts 

No false information may be given in the advertisements. Only the device or product offered may be described. Mandatory information in each ad is in particular all information that best describes the device or product, such as the manufacturer, model, age, location, condition (any defects must be pointed out). 

Ads must also be current and serious. Search requests cannot be placed in ads. Products and devices that have already been sold may remain published until the purchase is finalized and must then be removed within 3 days. If the seller sells several products and devices of the same type, removal is only necessary within this period after the last product or device has been sold. 

2. Logos 

Sellers may only use their own company logo in advertisements. 

3. Pictures 

Images are set to describe the device or product offered by the user. In this sense, only photos that relate to the device or product may be placed. Images that have been edited with additional text or logos may not be used. The photos used are intended to reflect the actual condition. The user must ensure that he has the rights of use for the photos he uses. If catalog photos are used, this must be expressly pointed out. The buyer should get an idea of ​​the actual condition of the device or product. A catalog photo without reference to such is particularly misleading for a used product and will not be accepted.

4. Properties of offered medical products and devices 

Only products and devices that are not subject to pharmacies may be placed on MedicaMarket. CE marking is required. Offered products / devices must not have expired. Used medical devices or products must not be changed in their mode of action, in their technical properties, performance features and in aspects of safety and must be cleaned before shipping. All documents / information required for the use of the article, such as instructions for use, CE labels or labels with hazard warnings, must be included. 

5. Not allowed ads / offers 

The following may not be set: 

- Pharmacy products such as pharmacy-only drugs
-Counterfeit products / devices and accessories
-Products / devices without CE marking
-Drugs or products similar to drugs such as Narcotics (as defined in the Narcotics Act), anabolic steroids and steroids 

6. Prices 

The price must be given in the local currency. MedicaMarket provides a currency converter that automatically converts the price into other currencies. The net price and the gross price must be shown in the price information. Down payment rates or monthly rates for financing products or devices in the price field are not accepted. The total price must be stated. Individual financing inquiries from the dealer can be clarified in advance or after the purchase in direct communication with the buyer. If the user is an official representative of manufacturers, there is also the option of publishing advertisements without quoting prices. MedicaMarket reserves the right to request a document from the user that identifies him as either the manufacturer or the official representative.