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About Us

MedicaMarket.com is an international marketplace for the trade of medical devices, products and instruments.

MedicaMarket is an independent company with international orientation and worldwide contacts. The headquarter of MedicaMarket is in Hamburg, Germany. We provide manufacturers, distributors, physicians and other healthcare, financial and insurance services partners with a comprehensive platform for selling and buying medical devices, instruments and products on the Internet. Our users also include hospitals and medical device manufacturers. In addition users find the offer of forwarding agencies and transporters for the safe transport of the traded devices and products as well as offers of service providers to the examination of the functionality of devices as well as service partners for the repair of the same. Customers of MedicaMarket benefit from the increased visibility on the Internet and can generate valuable business contacts via our website. The Internet connects the whole world. We want to be the provider that brings together everything related to medicine, healthcare and medical technology worldwide, as a first step, manufacturers and distributors of medical devices and products.

The online exchange includes both new and used devices for example for practices and hospital facilities. Dealers, doctors or buyers worldwide find the right product for their needs through intelligent search. The ability to compare products gives users full visibility into the purchase and sale of medical devices and equipment, and gives them a comprehensive picture. In addition, the independent platform provides security by allowing users to evaluate customers - both trading partners and the products and equipment offered can be valued.

On MedicaMarket.com professionalism is guaranteed by reliable and detailed information on products and providers you are looking for. In addition to the contact details of the companies, product details with pictures, prices, delivery times and availability are standard. The timeliness of ads is guaranteed by deleting ads after the expiration of the standard term and if the user does not renew the ad. The intelligent search system saves time: Search terms are compared with categories and their keywords in seconds. Various sorting and filtering functions help to narrow down the search. This way, buyers can quickly find the right products and services as well as the right provider without any loss of time. Specific inquiries can be made directly from the company profile.