Basagan offers buyers and sellers a platform and services for the sale and purchase of new and used
ophthalmic equipment.
In the ophthalmology category buyers can buy from on registered sellers a wide range
of state-of-the-art ophthalmological equipment and instruments for the ophthalmological practice,
optics and all other ophthalmological activities. Sellers can easily offer and sell on
equipment and instruments necessary for ophthalmology.

Ophthalmological equipment and optics instruments

Whether vision testers/vision test devices, refraction units or slit lamps - buyers can find on Basagan
the complete range of ophthalmology equipment and optics instruments. Ophthalmologist and optics
equipment for state-of-the-art ophthalmological treatment methods are offered as well as equipment
for the preparation of treatments, for examinations and/ or prophylaxis. Sellers can offer ophthalmic
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functionality in their ads.

Sell ophthalmologist and optics devices

As manufacturer, dealer, broker, or other seller of ophthalmic devices – new or used – you benefit
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Buy ophthalmologist and optics devices

As a dealer and buyer, you benefit from Basagan’s worldwide access to sellers of optical equipment
and optical supplies. Find quickly and easily the ophthalmic products and instruments you are looking
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Ophthalmologic devices and optician equipment online

On you can buy and sell your ophthalmology devices and instruments for the daily
diagnosis and treatment in the ophthalmologic practice, in the hospital or in an optician's store. We
see ourselves as your trusted intermediary in the medical technology industry. Our customer groups,
primarily medical technology manufacturers and distributors, know that we are at their side, always
reliably, when selling and/ or buying medical equipment.